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Wine 101:  Ordering

Wine 101: Ordering

Going out to dinner should be a fun experience, but if you're not an expert, deciphering a wine list can sometimes feel like a daunting task.

Here are Some Tips to Make it Easier:

#1 Ask your sommelier/server.  Let them know what you like and how much you're willing to spend.

#2 Don't feel obligated to break the bank.  You don't have to order the most expensive item on the list to get a quality glass (or bottle) of wine.

#3 Be open to trying something new.  Experiment with brands or grapes you don't know.

#4 Think about making a pairing.  Check out the menu first, decide what you're going to order then pair your wine(s) to your food.

#5 Do the math.  Should you stick to ordering by the glass or go for the bottle?  If you're going to pair your wine with your food, don't share the same taste in wine as your friend(s) or just want to experiment, stick to ordering by the glass.  But if you and your guest(s) are going to be drinking 3 or more glasses of the same wine, it's best to go for the bottle.

#6 No house wine!  There are always exceptions to every rule - say you're dining in the Tuscan countryside (or some other fantastic wine country), definitely go for the house wine, but in general, this is a good rule to follow. 


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Wine 101:  Buying

Wine 101: Buying