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Wine 101:  Buying

Wine 101: Buying

Tips for Selecting Quality Wine:  

#1 Taste different types of wine to discover what you like.  

#2 Utilize your 'wine guy (or gal).'  Ask a wine rep in the shop/store for suggestions.  Most of them are very knowledgeable and would be able to help you with your search.  Plus, they normally do tastings on the wines they carry and get feedback from customers on wines they've tasted.

 #3 Consider the food pairing.  If you plan on serving the wine with food, consider buying a bottle that will complement the dish.

 #4 Cost does not always equate quality.  Just because wine is expensive doesn't mean it's good, and vice versa.  Quality wines can be found at almost any price point.  There are some great wines to be had under $20.  

#5 Just because you like a bottle of wine from a brand doesn't mean you'll like them all.  For example, just because you enjoy a brand's Chardonnay doesn't guarantee you'll enjoy their Cabernet Sauvignon.  Also, wines can vary from one vintage (year) to the next.  So, be sure to taste the wine before you buy it in bulk.  

#6 If you're shopping at a supermarket ignore the lower shelves, generally that's where the lesser quality wines are kept.  (This is a general good practice tip, but there are always exceptions to the rule).  

#7 Order by the case to take advantage of discounts on the wine, as well as, shipping costs.  (Be sure it's wine you've tasted first though).

 #8 Buy online but keep an eye out for shipping costs.  There are some excellent deals to be found on the wine search engines and online retailers, as well as, buying directly from the winery.

 #9 Check for sales and coupons.  Search digital discount sites or search engines for discount codes to online retailers.  

#10 Do you want to drink it now or later?  Most wines are suitable for immediate consumption, but some wines benefit from being aged.

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Wine 101:  Ordering

Wine 101: Ordering

Wine 101:  Tasting

Wine 101: Tasting