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Wine 101:  Tasting

Wine 101: Tasting

Tasting wine involves all the senses.  The goal is to evaluate the aroma, flavor, and texture of the wine; and ultimately enjoy it (hopefully).

 The 5 S's of Wine Tasting:  

 #1 See:  Look at the wine.  What color is it?  Can you see through it?  The color and clarity of a glass of wine can tell you a lot about it.  Including type of grape, flavor, and age of the wine.

 #2 Swirl:  Tilt your glass.  Swirl it around.  Doing this opens up the wine and enhances its flavor and aroma.  As the wine settles, what do you see?  Does it have 'legs'?  (Think of raindrops rolling down a window).  The size of the 'legs' and the speed in which they roll down your glass can help you determine the alcohol and sweetness levels of the wine.  

 #3 Smell:  Stick your nose in the glass (I'm talking up close and personal.  Go ahead, don't be shy).  Now inhale deeply.  What do you smell?  A wine's aroma can be a sign of its characteristics and quality.

 #4 Sip:  Finally the best part!  Take a sip.  Be sure to get some air in with that sip.  That releases the aroma of the wine.  Let it roll over your tongue.  What do you smell?  How does it feel?

 #5 Savor:  Swallow the wine.  Savor it.  How long does the flavor last?  Do you like it?  Do you want more?  Would you recommend it to a friend?

When it comes to tasting wine, any wine you enjoy is a good one.  If enjoyment is your only goal, there's no need to follow these guidelines, just take a sip and decide whether or not you like it, but if you want to hone your tasting skills drinking wine using the 5 S's is a great way to do it.

Wine 101:  Buying

Wine 101: Buying

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