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Under the Tuscan Moon: Florence Vineyard Villa Wine Tasting and Dinner

Under the Tuscan Moon: Florence Vineyard Villa Wine Tasting and Dinner

Riding through Tuscany up narrow and twisting roads, I could see the full moon from my window glowing in the clear night sky.  Bocelli was playing in the background against scattered conversations from the passengers. “I can’t wait to see the villa!”  “I’m looking forward to tasting the wine.”  The excitement was palpable.

Before I knew it, we had arrived.  We turned onto the property traveling down a tree-lined gravel road.  The bus stopped, the doors opened, and our tour guide greeted us.  “Ciao!”  

We walked around the grounds listening to the stories of the historical villa, soaking up the beauty and the history of the place.  While in the underground cellar, our tour guide enlightened us on the wine-making process of the vineyard.  We learned how the red and white wines are blended, bottled and stored.

Now that we had learned how they made the wine, it was time to taste it!  The display looked heavenly; too good to eat…well almost.  Our first pairing of the night, fresh bruschetta and Chardonnay.  We learned that everything was local – the tomatoes, the bread, and of course, the olive oil, made from olives picked from the villa's very own olive groves.  Once served we were given a lesson on how to taste wine – see, swirl, smell, sip, savor.  The pairing was luscious; the flavors exploded in my mouth.

We left the cellar and traveled back to the main house.  The inside of the villa was just as beautiful as the grounds.  It was the perfect blend of old and new.  Antique pieces were sitting next to hip, modern furniture.  It reminded me of the villa itself, centuries-old buildings and vineyards surrounded by an ever-evolving people and culture, but never forgetting its history.

Dinner was served!  We sat down to a delicious Tuscan feast.  Great food, great wine, and great conversation, who could ask for anything more.  Course after unbelievable course paired with all of the vineyard's wines, by the end of the night I was stuffed!  When we got up to end the dinner our guide was enveloped in goodbyes and thank yous for the unforgettable evening.

As we rode back into town, the villa growing smaller and smaller behind us, I knew that I would never forget the people I met on the tour or the experiences we shared.

For more information on this tour visit City Wonders website:

Florence Vineyard Villa Wine Tasting and Dinner

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